William Booth Memorial Halls Band

In June 2015 Richard Ellis was commissioned as Bandmaster.

Queen Victoria was on the throne when a band, the fourth oldest in The Salvation Army, was founded in Nottingham in 1880. Then known as Nottingham 1 band it faced stiff opposition in the early years and difficulty obtaining instruments, but out of adversity emerged a band with 40 members who proudly marched the streets, which were often lined with city folk enjoying the spectacle.

Today, the band comprises teachers, lawyers, students and others from a variety of trades and professions. Some members of the band are just setting out on a chosen career while others are enjoying their retirement.

The common thread is that all are playing in the band as part of their Christian service.

Richard Ellis

Band History

The band has participated in a wide variety of engagements over the years not least four European tours. The centrepiece of one of these was the opening celebrations for a new Salvation Army Centre in Karlsruhe, Nottingham’s twin city in Germany.

More typically, you will find the band participating in its week in, week out commitment to ministry in its own citadel and open-air services and marches, in addition to invites to local hospitals, prisons, schools and residential homes.

Each year culminates with an annual live broadcast on BBC Radio Nottingham, which invariably proves to be the station's most popular phone-in of the year as listeners call in to request their favourite carols; whether it be Silent Night or Little Donkey, the band always obliges.

The aim of the band is, and always has been, to present the gospel message in music to all with whom they come into contact and to publicly witness to their love for God.