Message from Major Robert Jepson:

The links below may be useful to the corps if they are interested in following daily readings via their phones and computers.

The above link connects with the material we will be sending out to everyone and the Weekly Bible Conversations that Duncan will be preparing for us.

The above link is from LICC and it gives us the opportunity to connect by email for App to their LENT Journey. They relate all ministry to the workplace and 24/7 discipleship.

The above link is a paid for app that will give you daily devotionals for a year.

The above link is the devotional material that can be sent to your email from Pastor Rick Warren of the Saddlebank Church in the USA. ( Purpose Driven Life , 40 days of purpose  )

Cannon J John has some good podcasts that people can connect with. J John did the series on the 10 commandments as a road show in the late 90’s and recently did a series of evangelical campaigns called JUSTONE as several football stadiums in the UK.

Some prayer resources from the Salvation Army THQ website.


Many thanks to you

Kind Regards




Major Robert Jepson

Corps Officer

Nottingham William Booth Memorial Halls Corps and Community Centre

King Edward Street



Telephone: 0115 950 3827