William Booth Memorial Halls Songsters

The William Booth Memorial Halls Songster Brigade ( Nottingham ) exists to proclaim the Salvation Army's message:

Salvation from sin through Jesus Christ,

and to accomplish the Army's purpose:

The salvation of souls.

The Brigade was formed a century ago and has since then faithfully proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ, not only through its singing but through individual witness and prayer.

Martin Bennett

Over the years the Brigade has been served by loyal local officers (Songster Leaders, Deputies, Secretaries, Sergeants, Colour Sergeants, Timbrel Leaders, Accompanists, Librarians and Assistants) too numerous to mention here. Many of them are now  a name or a memory in history, but the Brigade stands as a tribute to their commitment and devoted service.

Hundreds of Songsters have passed through the ranks of our Brigade each one having promised to 'Sing with Spirit and with understanding'. Throughout the years the Brigade has evolved to make its ministry relevant and yet as we move into our next century of service the words sung by many Songsters over the years remind us that our mission is still the same:

"In the name of the Father, by the grace of the Son and in the power of the Holy Ghost we will be witnesses.

'Yea and Amen!'   Cry the witnesses of days gone by.

'Yea and Amen!'    We the witnesses today reply!

Speaking of the things we surely know, publishing the Name with hearts aglow, singing of redeeming grace we go as Witnesses for Jesus" (Albert Orsborn).

I trust you will pray for our ministry in the coming days that the Brigade may continue to bless, inspire, encourage and lead people to Christ.

Martin Bennett - (Songster Leader)

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